July 18

How Career Counseling Transforms Lives

Career Counseling



Written by Linda Faucheux M.A., Career Coach & Counsellor

Here is a summary of an interview with me which can be seen below, where I discuss the approach taken by Careers by Design in solving career challenges and elements of my own personal journey which inform the approach further.

In this insightful interview, Tammy engages in a conversation with Linda, a passionate and experienced career coach at Careers by Design. Linda provides valuable insights into the challenges her clients face and how career counseling can lead to life-altering transformations. Throughout the discussion, the keyword "career counseling" emerges as a central theme, highlighting its importance in helping individuals find their purpose and navigate career transitions.

Understanding the Diverse Challenges in Life and Career

Linda emphasizes that the challenges her clients encounter are diverse, ranging from personal obstacles to career-related dilemmas. These challenges can be external or internal, manifesting as blind spots, uncertainties, or difficulties in taking action. At Careers by Design, Linda and her team specialize in addressing these challenges head-on, offering clients a creative and holistic approach to move forward effectively.

Tailoring Solutions to Individual Journeys

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual, Linda emphasizes the importance of understanding a person's emotional makeup, values, and priorities. This approach allows career counselors to create a personalized puzzle, aligning clients with their strengths and passions. By delving deep into their heart-based coaching process, clients are guided to explore and identify their life's direction and purpose.

The Journey Towards Becoming a Career Coach

Linda's path to becoming a career counselor was not a straight line. In her early life, she struggled with a lack of confidence, unsure of her desired career path. However, at the age of 30, she embraced a transformative decision by enrolling in grad school. Through personal growth and self-discovery, she found her calling as a counselor and coach, passionate about helping others unearth their true potential.

Unlocking Professional Background and Expertise

Linda's expertise is reinforced by her impressive professional background. Armed with a master's degree in counseling psychology and a coaching certification, she brings 20 years of experience as a career counselor to the table. Her journey includes working in various capacities, from university career counseling to leadership and organizational coaching.

The Power of Careers by Design: A Heart-Centered Approach

Careers by Design stands out among other coaching services due to its heart-based approach. Unlike the conventional belief that career choices can be planned and executed looking from the "outside" only, Linda and her team believe in a more comprehensive strategy. They encourage individuals to channel mental energy into their hearts and bodies, fostering inner harmony. This alignment empowers clients to make clearer decisions and achieve greater productivity, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying career journey.

Surprising Revelations Through Coaching

Clients often approach coaching with the expectation of self-improvement. However, what surprises them the most is discovering the significance of their unique strengths. Linda emphasizes the importance of identifying and leveraging these strengths to find a career path that aligns with one's passion and skills. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, clients are encouraged to embrace their abilities, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and success.

Overcoming Fear: A Catalyst for Growth

Fear can be a significant barrier to personal and professional growth. Linda shares her personal journey of conquering her fear of public speaking through mindfulness meditation and personal work. Overcoming this fear was a pivotal moment in her life, and she encourages clients to face their own fears bravely. She believes that self-compassion and a growth mindset are essential in embracing challenges and learning from failures.

Empowering Your Career Journey

Linda's personal journey and her profound understanding of human potential have given her a unique perspective on career counseling. At Careers by Design, she and her team empower individuals to discover their true calling, aligning their hearts, minds, and actions. By tapping into their inner wisdom and intuition, clients are equipped to navigate their career transitions and unlock their full potential. The journey may be daunting, but with self-compassion and a growth mindset, individuals can embrace change and thrive on their path to a fulfilling and purposeful career.


Linda's experience as a career coach at Careers by Design underscores the transformative power of career counseling. By approaching challenges with heart and mindfulness, individuals can unlock their true potential and lead fulfilling lives aligned with their passions and strengths. The journey towards a meaningful career may be filled with uncertainties, but with the guidance and support of a skilled career counselor, the possibilities are endless. Embrace your journey, face your fears, and embrace your authentic self to unleash your true potential.


Linda Faucheux M.A., Career Coach & Counsellor

Linda is an accomplished Career Coach and Career Counsellor who helps clients worldwide and is a valued team member at Careers by Design.  She specializes in a contemplative and mindful approach to career path selection and challenges.  Her calm and grounded delivery helps clients feel at ease and able to gain insights in a joyful manner.  

Linda is a former Director of Career Services at Naropa University & brings more than 20 years of coaching experience to her practice, see Linda's bio here for more details.

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